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SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE by Alane Ferguson ( Bradbury Press)

FELL BACK by M.E. Kerr (Harper & Row)
REMEMBER ME by Christopher Pike (Archway Paperback)
SNIPER by Theodore Taylor (Hartcourt Brace Jovanovich)
THE MAN WHO WAS POE by Avi (Orchard Books)
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From School Library Journal
Grade 9 Up–When aspiring forensic pathologist Cameryn Mahoney convinces her father, the county coroner of Silverton, CO, to hire her as his assistant, she has no idea that one of the first deaths she will investigate will be that of her friend, Rachel Geller. Rachel is the fourth victim of a serial killer who strangles his victims and leaves a St. Christopher medal on their bodies. The teen must put aside her emotional response to the murder in order to evaluate the information clinically. In her relentless pursuit of the truth, Cameryn puts herself in danger of becoming the fifth victim of the Christopher Killer. Teachers and librarians who are trying to reach their television-junkie reluctant readers should look no further; this novel reads like an episode of CSI. Each scene lends itself to a mental picture straight from some crime-fighting show. The narrative gallops through a story line that is as engaging as it is implausible. Suspension of disbelief is made easy by the well-researched scientific tidbits sprinkled throughout the text, lending an air of credibility. There is the sense that this is a pilot episode with people that readers will see again as the series progresses, so the characters feel introduced rather than fully developed. Despite these flaws, this is an enjoyable read that teens will appreciate.–Heather M. Campbell, Philip S. Miller Library, Castle Rock, CO
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From Booklist
Gr. 7-10. Ferguson's latest mystery-thriller introduces 17-year-old Cameryn Mahoney, who has the annoying habit of challenging her elders (most of whom seem to deserve it). She also has the unshakable desire to be a forensic pathologist--and a very strong stomach. The latter comes in handy during the autopsy of a friend, the latest victim of a serial killer whose signature is a St. Christopher's medal left with each body. The vivid autopsy scenes are surprising, given the fairly routine story line and agreeable, though certainly not complex, characters. It's Cammie's energy and chutzpa that really propel the story, and readers will sympathize with her as she struggles to decide whether to keep faith with science or be sucked in by a charismatic psychic. This is worlds away from the Nancy Drew college series in terms of gore, but CSI fans won't blink twice. Stephanie Zvirin
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Book Description
The sleepy Rocky Mountain town of Silverton, Colorado hasn’t seen a murder in years—according to Pat Mahoney, the county coroner. So when his teenage daughter, Cameryn, asks if she can be his assistant—as preparation for a career in forensic pathology—he figures it’s a safe bet. But neither of them imagines that their first case will involve someone Cameryn knows . . . the fourth victim of a serial killer.
Attending her first autopsy is more difficult than Cameryn had ever expected, but she’s determined to find her friend’s murderer. Before long, Cameryn is plunged into a disturbing mystery, matching wits with everyone from the cantankerous medical examiner who doubts her abilities to the famous psychic who is predicting yet another death—soon.

Edgar-award winner Alane Ferguson has written a smart and fascinating forensic mystery.

About the Author
Alane Ferguson is the author of numerous novels and mysteries, including the Edgar Award-winning Show Me the Evidence. She does intensive research for her books, attending autopsies and interviewing forensic pathologists as she delves into the fascinating world of medical examiners.

Ms. Ferguson lives with her family near the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.
VOYA - April, 1 2008

4Q 4P  J  S
Ferguson, Alane. Circle of Blood. Viking, 2008, 256p. $15. 978-0-670-06056-6.

The third installment in Ferguson's forensic mysteries finds seventeen-year-old Cameryn Mahoney in her small Colorado mountain town getting to know her long-estranged mother, Hannah, an unstable artist.  Hannah pick up a teenage gilt hitchhiker, who runs off with Hannah's wallet when Cameryn meets them in downtown Silverton and who shortly thereafter is discovered dead.  As assistant to the coroner, Cameryn is torn
between the duties of her job and the instinct to protect her mother from suspicion of murder, and she attempts to rectify it by putting herself in danger and finding the killer.  Along the way, Cameryn's bond with the young deputy sheriff grows tighter, and she gains the respect of the county's curmudgeonly medical examiner.

In addition to writing a suspenseful story, Ferguson fairly and accurately approaches the subject of Mormonism and fundamental Mormons.  She also treats bipolar disorder knowledgeably and sympathetically in Hannah.  The descriptions of the forensic work, including documenting the crime scenes and performing autopsies, are engaging and informative and will doubt garner interest for the profession among teens.  This book is the best yet in the series, and the ending lets the reader know that there are more to come.
-Jenny Ingram.

Ferguson resurrects the same characters from her previous forensic mysteries and manages to keep the book engaging by expanding on the characters and making this case equally as personal as that of the previous book.  The gruesome and interesting details included lend authenticity to the story, and new facets of the plot give it a human feel.  Cameryn Mahoney's dedicated fans will not be disappointed and will be especially excited that the ending begs for a sequel. 3Q 3p
- Rebecca Moreland, Teen Reviewer.
Editoral Review from: Teens Read Too

THE CIRCLE OF BLOOD by Alane Ferguson
Category:  Mystery/Thriller
Age Recommendation:  Grades 9+
Release Date:  2/28/08
Publisher:  Viking
Reviewed by:  Jaglvr
Rating:  5 Stars

Meet Cameryn Mahoney. She’s not your average high school senior. She’s the assistant to the county coroner in Silverton,
Colorado. Most kids her age find her fascination with all things forensic rather bizarre, if not macabre. But Cameryn is
intrigued and has gained the (reluctant) respect of local law enforcement and medical personnel alike.

The story starts off with Cameryn and her father handling a fatal car accident. The victim affects Cameryn and her father in
the fact that it’s a young man. Nothing is worse than a senseless death. But Cameryn is ever the professional and they get
the job done.

Later that day, Cameryn encounters her long lost mother, Hannah. Hannah has a young girl in the car with her. The girl
seems agitated and Hannah doesn’t give Cameryn a straight answer. But there is little Cameryn can do, and her mother
drives off with the sad girl, Mariah, in the passenger seat.

Only later does the encounter come back to haunt Cameryn. Her father is out of town when the call comes in. There’s
another dead body. Cameryn is asked to attend to the scene until her father can be present. Upon seeing the body,
Cameryn realizes that it’s the girl, Mariah. If she lets on that she recognizes the girl, then her mother could be implicated.

What starts as an omission soon blossoms into a complete mystery that entwines everything that Cameryn does. Her
mother eventually gets arrested for a murder that she swears she didn’t commit. No one is there to help Hannah. Cameryn
has since learned the truth of her childhood, and still finds it in her heart to forgive Hannah for everything she’s done and
comes to her aid. Against the odds and against the advice of everyone she knows, Cameryn takes it upon herself to clear
her mother’s name.

For anyone who's a fan of C.S.I. or Bones, THE CIRCLE OF BLOOD is a real page-turner. It’s a bit graphic in the
descriptions of dead bodies and autopsies, but done so in a fascinating and scientific manner. This isn’t the first story
featuring Cameryn Mahoney, but one doesn’t have to have read the previous stories to enjoy this one. The story is easy to
follow with little to cloud the main plot. I enjoyed it quite a bit and will now look for the previous Cameryn Mahoney books