All through my childhood I talked nonstop to my parents, my four sisters, and to my dolls.  I always loved communicating but never wanted to commit my thoughts to the page.  To me, ideas were fluid and needed to be unfettered by pen and paper.  That conviction dogged me throughout my adolescence and well into adulthood.  But when my oldest daughter was less than thrilled at the announcement of the upcoming birth of my second child, I decided to comfort her on paper.  THAT NEW PET, a picture book, was born right along with my son.  And so was my desire to write.

A good bit of the energy I once flung around in spoken words is now committed to paper.  As I travel to schools across the country, I see many students whose own communication stops exactly where mine used to: in talking to friends.  I try to convert them.  If there is a satisfaction beyond my own storytelling, it is in the opportunity to stoke the writing fire in others.  The fun of creating characters and words is catching, and the rewards are permanent.

It's a joy to receive letters from children who've felt as if they've met Cricket in CRICKET AND THE CRACKERBOX KID, or were scared by the twists and turns of my new forensic mystery series, or were moved by the beauty of the parks featured in the National Geographic's National Park Mystery Series.  When those readers connect back to me, I feel as though I'm spinning stories for an ever-widening circle.  My newest quartet of mysteries for Penguin's SLEUTH began with THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER, which was nominated for the Mystery Writers of America's prestigious
Edgar Allan Poe Award.  The second book in the series, THE ANGEL OF DEATH, was launched in 2006, followed by the fall of  2007's THE CIRCLE OF BLOOD.  I'm currently hard at work on book number four, THE DYING BREATH.

Elizabeth, Colorado is the perfect spot for me to gather new writing ideas.  Nature surrounds me.  My husband, Ron, co-owner of LED Technologies, loves to hear the stories and the characters that crowd inside my head.  At times we sit on our deck and watch the Colorado sky fill with stars; then, we speak of these imaginary personalities as though they were real people, who can think and feel as they walk out of my fingers and onto the page.  It's a marvelous reward for putting my thoughts on paper!  Writing is a joy I share with my three children.  Kristin, 31 and married to Matt Ledesma, is a Speech Therapist who lives with our perfect grandchildren, Jessica (3) and Jake (1) only ten minutes from our home.  Dan, 23, is a student at University of Northern Colorado.  He will graduate with a degree in Accounting, and I have high hopes that he will one day help me reconcile my checkbook!  Our youngest, Kathy, 21, is a child-care provider with KinderCare.  She is married to DJ Thompson, another wonderful son-in-law.  We all have a blast together, and every Ferguson/Ledesma/Thompson loves a good book!  We also love to laugh until our sides ache - life is good!

Alane Ferguson was born in Cumberland, Maryland, in 1957.  She attended the University of Utah and Westminster College where she studied journalism.  Later, Alane became interested in writing for children, mostly, she says, to follow the example of her mother, successful author Gloria Skurzynski.  Her mother has written over fifty-seven books for children, while Alane is currently completing her thirty-second.  Alane and her mother co-authored a series for National Geographic.  Their novel, WOLF STALKER, was the first work of fiction National Geographic had published in its as of then 109 year history.  WOLF STALKER was nominated for the 1998 Mystery Writer's of America's Edgar Allan Poe Award and the newest and 13th book in the series, NIGHT OF THE BLACK BEAR, was launched in spring of 2007.   A recipient of the 1990 Edgar Allan Poe Award as well as the Belgium's Children's Choice Award for her young adult novel SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE, Alane was also a nominee for her third young-adult mystery, POISON.  She received a 2007 Edgar nomination for her young adult novel, THE CHRISTOPHER KILLER, the first in the Sleuth Forensic Mystery series.  Alane won the Children's Crown Classic Award for CRICKET ANDTHE CRACKERBOX KID, the American Bookseller's Association's "Pick of the List" for her picture book entitled THAT NEW PET, and has been on numerous ALA Recommended Books for Reluctant Young Readers and Young Adult's Choice list.